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Occupied ERT


[ERT: Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation] is the public broadcaster of Greece.

The occupation, of the main radio and TV station in Aghia Paraskevi and the other buildings of ERT, started with the announcement by government spokesman S. Kedikoglou about the closure of ERT and the dismissal of its 2656 employees .

Before the government’s announcement is complete, thousands of people have begun to concentrate on the main station building. From the microphone that has been set up in the yard, songs from the ERT musical ensembles alternate with messages of support from unions, organizations and political parties from Greece and internationally.

At the same time, within the building, a process evolves from the best pages of the history of the workers’ movement. In the editorial room, in the studio, in the control room, the employees of ERT take care of the uninterrupted transmission of the channel program. Now, the informations do not come from any government director but from the workers, trade unionists, strikers from other branches. ERT has now acquired a different reason. More immediate.

Everyone has the feeling that the government’s attack will not pass. The channel will not close and no one will lose the job. On the stairs and corridors, workers with black armbands and tabs on the lapel, with the words “guarding group”, take care in a strict but discreet and tranquil way to ensure the smooth operation of the occupation.

As time passes, both in and out of the building, there are thousands of ERT employees and supporters.

*This occupation remained for 5 months. The police broke the occupation and government created a new Company (NERIT). After one year, the government shuffled from strikes and economic crisis. Employees returned to their work as winners. ERT reopened and remained public.

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