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On the verge

On the verge_Orestis Ilias_artist

The coronavirus pandemic has largely highlighted the problematic interaction of people with their natural and social environment. A relationship that is capable of reaching the point of extinction of humanity. Society seems incapable of protecting all those invisible people who keep it standing, much less today. The creator places the accumulated social oppression in the human figure that struggles to break the silence.


The work "on the verge" was created in quarantine conditions. It is a source of need to express these thoughts through the image.


installation - video – poetry

1 May 2020

Έχεις ακούσει αυτούς τους ανθρώπους;


αυτούς που

ο ιδρώτας τους μυρίζει χρυσάφι,

σκίζουν τα χέρια τους στα μπετά και τα τούβλα,

έχουν κράμπες από τα πληκτρολόγια,
καθαρίζουν για άλλους πατώματα και τουαλέτες,

βρωμάνε από τα σκουπίδια μας,
διδάσκουν τα παιδιά σαν να ‘ναι δικά τους,


σώζουν ζωές,

μαζεύουν με αίμα τους καρπούς από την γη,

οδηγούν οχήματα,

έχουν ταχυπαλμία για το νοίκι,

εξαναγκάζονται σε μισθωμένα σεντόνια,

επιβιώνουν από βόμβες
πνίγονται εκεί που παραθερίζουν οι υπόλοιποι.



που τους επιβάλλουν να χαμογελούν, κι ας έχει πεθάνει η μάνα τους,
αρκεί να πουλήσουν τα προιόντα


που τους κλείνουν το στόμα

Have you heard these people?

those who
their sweat smells of gold,
their hands are torn on cement and bricks,
get cramps on keyboards,
clean floors and toilets for others,
they stink of our garbage,
teach children as if they were their own,
save lives,
collect the fruits of the earth with blood,
drive vehicles,
rush to serve food,
have palpitations paying for rent,

are forced to sell their body,
survive the bombs
and drown where the rest swim.


Those who

are forced to smile, even though their mother has died,
as long as they sell the products

Those who

have their mouths shut

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