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Orestis Ilias is a visual artist, based in Athens, working with photography, painting, graphics and video, with which creates abstract, minimal, applied and decorative artworks.

Artworks, among other things, show how he sees the outside world, connecting his inwardness to the external movement driven by his feelings of self and embodied experience.


His conceptual artworks are basically influenced by social and humanistic stimuli. He deals with social issues such as oppression, discrimination, freedom and climate change. The basic perception that permeates the majority of his projects is the concept of collective memory.

People’s stories can be the sum of social events that happens in space, while the history “line” passes, and they are expanding through infinity of time together with the social environment’s changes. The medium of photography reports and captures moments from that movement, so it has a special ability to operate as a link between individual and collective memory.


Open Art - ArtNumber23 Gallery, 30 June - 6 July 2023, Athens, GR

Silent Cities – Group Show by LoosenArt, 17 September - 14 October 2020, Spazio Millepiani, Rome, IT

Sports Ideal, Human and Arts - Ceremony: Touch of the Olympic Flame, sponsoship of the Ministry of Tourism, March 2020, Ancient Olympia, GR

Art Basel – International Art Show, 5-8 December 2019, Miami Beach, USA

Abandoned Buildings – International Group Exhibition, Blank Wall Gallery, October 2018, Athens GR

The Image and the Glance – Group Exhibition, Trii Art Gallery, October 2018, Athens GR

El derecho a la ciudad – Exposición fotografía. 27 April 2018, Malaga SP

The Home of desires and pains – Cooperation with Alexandra Lemoni – Group exhibition pre-event for 15th Venice International Biennale of Architecture. Inspiration by the Network Nomadic Architecture in collaboration with the Cultural Association of Sifnos, 20 August 2016, Sifnos GR



The documentary project "Blind Spot" has been shortlisted in "State of the World 2020" photo contest of PX3 Paris Photography Prize. September 2020, Paris FR

Honorable Mention in Photojournalism Category, in MonoVisions Photography Awards, for winning entry “Dance smash fascism”.  July 2018, London UK


Honorable Mention in Nude Category, in MonoVisions Photography Awards, for winning entry “Fan”.  July 2018, London UK

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