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Desert Seeds

The project "Desert Seeds" aims to visually describe the interconnection of gentrification and the climate crisis through a series of photographs. The absence of color in these images is contrasted with the vibrant red dot, highlighting the struggle for a more just and sustainable future amidst seemingly insurmountable challenges.

The interconnection between gentrification and the climate crisis is a complex network of social, economic and environmental factors. Gentrification, driven by urban growth and the influx of business into previously marginalized working-class neighborhoods, often results in the displacement of low-income communities. This process often pushes these residents into areas with higher environmental vulnerabilities, such as locations prone to flooding or poor air quality. In addition, the unique cultural identity and historical significance of neighborhoods may be diluted or lost altogether.

At the same time, the construction and redevelopment associated with gentrification contribute to increased carbon emissions and environmental degradation. The climate crisis exacerbates these challenges, as extreme weather events and other climate-related impacts disproportionately affect already vulnerable communities. Thus, gentrification not only exacerbates social inequalities, but also intensifies the environmental injustices faced by marginalized populations.

The unifying element of this photographic series is the recurring symbol of the red dot, which acts as a symbolic thread, tying together the disparate narratives captured in the photographs. As a commanding witness to the challenges facing communities, this symbolism is used as a visual anchor of reasoning.

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